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The Leaside Residents Association (LRA) is a not-for-profit organization representing the residents of the neighbourhood of Leaside in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We aim to enhance the livability of Leaside for all residents. Learn more about us, including the area we cover!

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Leaside Business Park - aerial view

Employment Area Land Use Permissions

This is to indicate our support for the staff report and the recommendation for City Council to adopt Official Plan Amendment 680 which amends various Employment Area related policies to bring the Official Plan into alignment with the provincial definition of “area of employment” in the Planning Act, as amended by Bill 97 – Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act.

The Leaside Business Park is the employment area closest to Toronto’s downtown and it is in Toronto’s best interests to preserve the employment area policies, and the businesses and jobs that these maintain. 

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1837-1845 Bayview

1837-1845 Bayview Committee of Adjustment

This is to express the strong opposition of the Leaside Residents Association (LRA) to this application based on both:

  • process – the applicant’s bad faith bargaining, and abuse of the Committee of Adjustment process, and
  • substance – the failure of the application to meet the established planning tests for variances to be considered “minor” variances.
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Join the rally for the Science Centre

We’re going to rally until the Ontario Government hears us!

Rally will conclude with a peaceful march to the Ontario Science Centre for supporters interested in joining us.

Date: Sunday July 14, 2024, noon – 2:30 p.m.

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Ontario Science Centre - aerial view

Community outraged over abrupt closure of Ontario Science Centre

The Ford government’s decision to shutter the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto’s Don Mills area with no warning Friday is drawing outrage from critics and members of the local community.

The government cited safety concerns after releasing an engineering report on the current structure which opened to the public in 1969. The government used the report to justify closing the Science Centre immediately.

“We were worried this stunt would be pulled by Premier Ford and the Ontario government,” said Jason Ash, co-chair of Save Ontario’s Science Centre, a citizen group campaigning to keep the current site.

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Leaside Station

The Leaside station overbuild – update

City Council recently approved the zoning bylaw amendment (subject to some conditions) and the Ontario Land Tribunal gave an interim decision on the developer’s appeal, for a 35-storey tower over the Leaside station with a podium extending south on the two adjoining properties.

35 storeys? How did we get there?

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1837-1845 Bayview elevation drawings

1837-1845 Bayview Zoning Amendment

The LRA has provided site specific comments in its previous correspondence, however we reiterate the more important of those in this submission to make it reasonably comprehensive:

  • The proposed scale, built form, including height and massing, is completely inappropriate given the location.
  • The proposal is on the high point between Eglinton Ave./Talbot Park and Burke Brook (just south of Sunnybrook Hospital) and will have a major visual impact on the neighbourhood. Because of this elevated location, the proposed building would appear as being several storeys higher than 25 storeys.
  • The FSI of the proposed building (8.7) is well above that of recently approved buildings in the vicinity.
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Committee of Adjustment

Have you just received a notice from the Committee of Adjustment about a neighbouring property and don’t know what to do?

Check out our guidelines and explanation of the procedures and let us know if you need assistance!

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Character Guidelines

Thinking of renovating, adding, or rebuilding? Consult the character guidelines developed to help owners, architects, and designers in gaining an understanding of what makes Leaside’s natural and architectural attributes valuable and how to extend these to new development.