151 Airdrie: appeal to OMB refused

Thanks to hard work on the part of Leaside residents Larry Bacon and Vanessa Rose, and LPOA co-president Geoff Kettel, the appeal to the OMB re: 151 Airdrie has been refused. This appeal was to allow an after-the-fact height variance in addition to the one already granted by the Committee of Adjustment, for a house that was already built. The OMB turned it down.

A compelling case was not made by the planner (for the appellant) why the subject property should have the status of the tallest home in the neighbourhood. The Board was not persuaded that the building height is not discernible to a passerby, or why the Applicant merits another increment in height above that earlier granted by the COA.

Full OMB Decision re: 151Airdrie (PDF)