1837 Bayview

Proposal for 1837 Bayview

On November 4, 2021 the Goldberg Group submitted re-zoning and plan of subdivision applications to the City of Toronto to permit a 25-storey mixed use building containing 288 residential units, and 256 sq metres of retail gross floor area on the ground floor, on an assembled parcel just south of the southeast corner of Bayview and Broadway (1837-1845 Bayview Avenue).

The introduction of this 25-storey building will have a major immediate impact on the neighbourhood. It will:

  • block sunlight across a large swath of North Leaside
  • exacerbate traffic issues, and
  • open the floodgates for similar or higher high rise construction in the community.

The proposal is currently being processed by the City of Toronto and your involvement is crucial if you have concerns.

What can you do?

Step 1: Sign up for our Mailing List(s)

Step 2 – Understand the proposal and the Issues

  • Become familiar with the details of the proposal. The City of Toronto Development Application web site contains copies of the applications and the related background reports, including all the Proposal information, shadow studies, and drawings.
  • Go to the City Planning website and enter the address 1837 Bayview Ave into the search bar.
    • The site can be slow – be patient, then click on the blue dot to open the file information.
  • For reference, the File is: 21 233980 NNY 15 OZ
  • Watch for media and articles on the project, e.g. Leaside Life magazine

Step 3 – Share your concern on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.), and with City Planning, City and Provincial Elected Officials.  Contact:

Step 4 – Your Presence is Critical at City Planning Meetings

  • Participate in the virtual Community Meeting, which will be scheduled by the City in the Winter/Spring

Step 5 – Support the Leaside Residents Associations (LRA)

  • Volunteer and help to evolve the Character of our neighbourhood.
  • Join or renew your membership
  • attend our monthly meetings (first Wednesday of the month)
  • consider making a donation.
  • For more information contact the LRA

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Young people wanting to start their own families can’t afford houses in the city, and Toronto needs more affordable housing. Doesn’t this development help achieve this goal? We don’t believe the majority of the units will be affordable. Also, 76% of the units will not be family-friendly as they are studios or 1-bedrooms.
  2. Why are you opposed to having more density in Leaside? We support the increase in densification, as long as it includes good planning and makes sense for the community.
  3. How can I help? Sign up/Renew your membership to the Leaside Residents Association (https://leasideresidents.ca) and sign up for the mailing list on this development by emailing moc.l1701959827iamg@1701959827gninn1701959827alpdo1701959827ogyaw1701959827daorb1701959827weivy1701959827ab1701959827.