1840 Bayview proposal

The application to build a 34-storey mixed-use building at 1840 Eglinton with 377 units has been appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal. The hearing date has not yet been set. The LRA has written a response to the appeal report from the City of Toronto, and is a registered participant at the OLT.

The City is opposing the proposal in its current form. An excerpt from the City report:

The proposed built form does not conform to the relevant policies of the Official Plan and the Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan. As currently proposed, the proposal has not demonstrated that the site can appropriately accommodate a tall building. Per policies prescribed in the Official Plan and Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan, and further detailed in design guidelines, consideration is needed for reduced floorplates, increased building setbacks and tower separation to adjacent lands, appropriate stepbacks, reduction in building height, and consolidation of landholdings to achieve an appropriately sized site to support a development that conforms to the policy objectives, and that does not prevent orderly development of the adjacent properties designated Mixed Use. In addition, consideration is also required regarding height and design as it relates to transition to the adjacent Neighbourhood areas and the public realm, particularly with regard to the base and tall building.

The LRA wrote a letter in response to the proposal in June, 2023.