2018 AGM minutes

The draft minutes of the 2018 AGM will be presented for approval at the 2019 AGM (Monday, November 4, 7 p.m., Trace Manes Community Centre):

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Leaside Property Owners’ Association

Held Monday December 10, 2018 in the William Lea Room of Leaside Memorial Community Gardens

Directors present: Carol Burtin Fripp, Geoff Kettel, Frank Schimpl, Paul Green, Helen Koyama, Doug Obright, John Lea, Agnes Vermes, Robin Rix

Regrets: Andrea Villiers, Jonathan Colombo

  1. Co-President Carol Burtin Fripp welcomed everyone, reviewed the agenda and thanked our 4 sponsors: Patrick Rocca, Bonnie Byford Realty, Sherree Cerqua and Charlene Kalia.
  2. Geoff Kettel provided a report on the past year’s events and issues. This included a Powerpoint presentation created by and previously given by Connor Turnbull, Co-Chair, Leaside Matters at the National Trust of Canada conference in Fredericton NB, in October 2018. He also reported on activity in regard to 660 Eglinton Avenue East (Sunnybrook Plaza) and 815-845 Eglinton Avenue East (RioCan). The audience registered its appreciation for the work of Connor Turnbull as she leaves Leaside and returns to the U.S..
  3. Secretary Paul Green read a summary of the 2017 minutes and called for a vote in favour of acceptance. The motion to accept was from Agnes Vermes and seconded by Jim Heller. The vote carried.
  4. Frank Schimpl read the Treasurer’s report. A motion to approve was made by Roger Steer And seconded by Marilyn ?(private citizen). A motion to change the membership year to a common annual date coinciding with our fiscal year (January 1-December 31) was made by Doug Obright and seconded by David Hill. Carried.
  5. John Lea presented nominations for Board members for the 2019 year. The nominations were: Carol Burton Fripp, Geoff Kettel, Frank Schimpl, Paul Green, Jonathan Columbo, Helen Koyama, John Lea, Doug Obright, Agnes Vermes, Robin Rix and Andrea Villiers. The motion to accept was made by Barrry Schneider and seconded by Glenn Asano. Carried.
    A further motion was made to define a quorum as a simple majority of Directors. The motion was made by Carol Minik and seconded by Roger Steer.
  6. Councillor Jaye Robinson addressed the meeting. She concentrated on development issues and TDSB issues such as school capacity in light of the increased density coming our way due to the rental and condo developments along Eglinton Avenue. She also fielded answers to a number of questions from the attendees.
  7. Carol Burtin Fripp requested an adjournment of the business part of the meeting. The motion was made by David Hill and seconded by Gerry Turrin. Carried.
  8. Gene Chartier, the LPOA’s Traffic Consultant made a Powerpoint presentation on the various options we can consider to help address the traffic congestion and pedestrian and cyclist safety issues. Lots of questions from the attendees.
  9. Geoff Kettel thanked everyone for attending and reminded people to renew their memberships and keep abreast of issues via reading Leaside Life.