Candidates Debate – register now!

The LRA is organizing a virtual candidates debate on Monday, September 13, 7pm-9pm, on Zoom, in cooperation with other residents’ associations in the Don Valley West federal riding, listed below.

Invited candidates are:

  • Elvira Caputolan, Green Party (invited)
  • Michael Minas, People’s Party of Canada (confirmed)
  • Rob Oliphant, Liberal Party (confirmed)
  • Syeda Riaz, New Democratic Party (confirmed)
  • Yvonne Robertson, Conservative Party (confirmed)

You must register in advance. You can submit a question to the candidates by email to moc.l1721327351iamg@1721327351setad1721327351idnac1721327351.wvd.1721327351ksa1721327351 before Sunday, September 12, at 6pm. Registered participants can also submit questions during the debate using the Q&A function in Zoom. Due to time constraints, not all questions received will be posed to the candidates.

For photos and descriptions of past debates hosted by the LRA, please check the candidates debates page on our website.

The list of residents’ associations who are cooperating in the debate are:

  • Bedford-Wanless Ratepayers Assocation (BWRA)
  • Don Mills Residents Inc. (DMRI)
  • Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Assocation (EGNA)
  • Lawrence Park Ratepayers Assocation (LPRA)
  • Leaside Residents Assocation (LRA)
  • South Eglinton Residents and Ratepayers Assocation (SERRA)
  • St. Andrew’s Ratepayers Assocation 
  • Teddington Park Residents Assocation (TPRA)
  • Yonge Ridge Homeowners Assocation (YRHA)
  • York Mills Neighbours Assocation (YMNA)
  • York Mills Ratepayers Assocation (YMRA)
  • York Mills Valley Assocation (YMVA)