Candidates debate

The LRA and nine other local residents’ associations are convening a virtual debate for candidates in the upcoming provincial election in Don Valley West. The debate is scheduled for Monday, May 16, 7pm-9pm.

The following candidates are confirmed:
* Green Party: Sheena Sharp
* Liberal Party: Stephanie Bowman
* New Democratic Party: Irwin Elman
* Progressive Conservative Party: Mark Saunders

You must register in advance in order to attend! Please click here to register for the debate. You will need to provide your name and email address.

You can moc.l1674820145iamg@1674820145setad1674820145idnac1674820145.wvd.1674820145ksa o1674820145t lia1674820145me ai1674820145v set1674820145adidn1674820145ac eh1674820145t ot 1674820145)s(no1674820145itseu1674820145q a t1674820145imbus1674820145 (individual/all candidates) no later than Sunday, May 15, at 6pm. Registered participants can also submit questions during the session using the Question-and-Answer function in Zoom.

Read more about the LRA’s previous candidates debates on our website.

This debate is hosted by the following residents’ associations: Bedford-Wanless Ratepayers Association, Don Mills Residents Inc., Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association, Leaside Residents Association, South Eglinton Davisville Residents Association, St. Andrew’s Ratepayers Association, Teddington Park Residents Association, Yonge-Ridge Homeowners Association, York Mills Neighbours Association, and York Mills Valley Association.