Concerns with the Committee of Adjustment

The LRA has noted two concerns about the Committee of Adjustment after it resumed operations in a virtual format.

First, we have attended multiple online meetings where the Committee has failed to connect deputants – i.e. Leasiders who have registered to speak about a variance application – in order to hear their oral statements. Although some technical problems are understandable, their frequency and the lack of a backup plan (such as a phone line) are unacceptable.

Second, multiple residents have told us that they are not getting notices of variance requests. The rule is that a notice should be mailed to any owner of land within 60 metres of a subject property at least 10 days prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Please contact us if you have experienced either of these problems (or any other) with the Committee of Adjustment. We log these complaints and cite them in our dealings with the City.