Crosstown Construction Update

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The Eglinton Crosstown is a light rail transit (LRT) line that will run across Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and Kennedy Station. This 19-kilometre corridor will include a 10-kilometre underground portion, between Keele Street and Laird Drive. It will provide a rapid and reliable service that will be up to 60% faster than bus service today, when it is completed in 2020.

Open House Update Meetings

On September 9, 10 and 15, over 200 attendees attended our public open house meetings held at the Holy Blossom Temple, Leaside Memorial Community Gardens and the Unity Church of Truth. If you weren’t able to attend one of our open houses, you can find links to presentations for both the east and west construction work. 

Pedestrian safety near school areas and construction sites

The construction of the Crosstown at some of the major intersections along Eglinton Avenue is in full swing. For the safety of pedestrians near the construction areas, please note the following:

  • Motor vehicular traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction near construction sites.Barriers will be used to separate the work zone from motor vehicle traffic.
  • During construction, some sidewalks may be closed. Pedestrians may be required to divert to the other side of the road or a temporary pedestrian walkway. Please observe and follow signs directing pedestrians.
  • For your own safety, please plan your route and use designated pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights to cross the street before reaching a construction zone. Crossing in the middle of a block or jaywalking can be dangerous.
  • Please DO NOT walk on the roadway adjacent to the barriers.
  • Both eastbound and westbound TTC bus stops in affected areas will be relocated for the safety of transit riders. Please watch for posted signs indicating the new stop locations.
  • Please be alert and aware of your surroundings when travelling near construction areas.

Transforming transit across the middle of Toronto will involve significant road works. Construction will be visible along the corridor and on some side streets. There will be short-term local street closures and turning restrictions to allow for the construction to take place. Metrolinx, City staff and your elected officials are working closely together to monitor and make adjustments to the local road configurations, work zones and other day-to-day items such as signage and temporary adjustments.

Construction Works

Where are the tunnel boring machines?

The underground tunnelling work is progressing well underneath Eglinton Avenue. Dennis, the first tunnel boring machine launched, is located at Times Road while Lea, the second, is just past Dufferin Street under Eglinton Avenue. Follow tunnelling progress on the Crosstown website.

Sutherland Drive Northbound Closure and Jet Grout Plant Setup

Construction of the headwalls for the future Laird station requires a group plant to be established nearby to pump a form of concrete to the station headwall location. A jet grout plant will be setup on the roadway at the northeast corner of Sutherland Drive and Eglinton Avenue East. Work will take place in two stages. Each stage is expected to last approximately two to three months. For more information on this work and the closure of northbound Sutherland Drive, please click here.

Overnight Lane Reduction between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street

Crews will be working on utility construction and relocation between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street. Construction of the east Eglinton Crosstown launch site is underway and requires utilities to be moved safely out of the way. This work will start as early as September 28 and continue for approximately two to three weeks. For more information on this work and the lane reduction, please click here.

New northbound Allen Road ramp opens

The new northbound Allen Road ramp is now open! A new temporary ramp was built to accommodate the construction of the tunnelling site. Traffic signals at the new ramp have been adjusted accordingly.  For details about traffic and pedestrian detours, please click here.

Caledonia Station Watermain Work Continues

Watermain work at the future Caledonia Station continues. Crews are relocating various utilities in association with the building of headwalls. Watermain work will continue until mid-Fall 2014. A new traffic pattern will be set up to complete the watermain work along the middle of the Eglinton roadway. For more information about this work and the new traffic setup in the area, please click here.

Long-term Closure of Peveril Hill North

Construction of the headwalls for the future Bathurst station requires a small grout plant to be established nearby to pump a form of concrete, otherwise known as “grout”, to the station headwall location. In order to minimize road occupancy in the area this grout plant will be located within a section of Peveril Hill North, south of Eglinton. For more information about this work and the closure of Peveril Hill North, please click here.

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