Garden Suites – call to action

 The City enacted a bylaw change in February to allow the construction of garden suites throughout Toronto as of right (i.e. no need for a variance):

  • A garden suite can occupy 20% of a lot and be two storeys plus basement. That’s approximately the size of an original Leaside home.
  • In the view of the LRA, this bylaw change was made without sufficient consultation and will allow for construction that is too large and intrusive for many lots.
  • You can read more about garden suites on the website of the new “Building Better Neighbourhoods” association – an alliance of residents’ associations from across Toronto.
  • This group has launched a letter-writing campaign supporting changes to the bylaw, including size limits and greater tree protection.
  • As a call to action, you can send a letter to the Mayor and Councillors expressing your views.