High-rise on Bayview

In our November 2021 newsletter, we reported on the proposed 25-storey tower on the southeast corner of Bayview and Broadway.

The LRA and local neighbours are mobilizing to fight this development.


On November 4, 2021, Goldberg Group submitted re-zoning and plan of subdivision applications to the City to permit a 25 storey mixed use building containing 288 residential units, and 256 sq. metres of retail gross floor area on the ground floor on an assembled parcel just south of the southeast corner of Bayview and Broadway.

Initial Concerns:

  • The proposal is on the edge of the Bayview Focus Area and as such should have a building height and density reflecting its location well away from the LRT station.
  • Lands to the east and north are designated “Neighbourhoods” and minimal transitioning is proposed.
  • Proposal is on high ground between Walmsley Brook (Talbot Park) and Burke Brook (north of Kilgour Road) and as a result would have a greater than expected visual impact on the neighbourhood.
  • Proposed height and density are out of keeping with recent approvals and submissions along Bayview and on the Sunnybrook Plaza site.
  • Building’s height may present a safety issue with helicopter flight paths related to Sunnybrook Hospital.
  • No set back proposed along Bayview.
  • No affordable units.
  • While heights of 20-35 storeys were introduced by the province for the Bayview Focus Area in its approval of Official Plan Amendment 405, the text of this amendment clearly indicates that the Focus Area is to be largely mid-rise development, with tall buildings to be considered near the Bayview LRT station.


As this proposal would have a major impact on neighbouring lands, and as it is currently being processed by the City, you should get involved now if you have concerns. What can you do?

The LRA intends to fight vigorously against this development and in favour of sensible development that respects local communities. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments about this development application.