Millwood/Southvale roadwork

Councillor Jaye Robinson has provided an update about the road closure at the intersection of Millwood Road and Southvale Drive. Below are the key points taken from this update:

  • Watermain and sewer connection work was being completed in relation to the development at 3 Southvale Drive. When crews arrived on-site, they discovered that the sewer lines were much deeper underground than initially expected, which ultimately extended the scale and duration of the closure.
  • Due to the emergency nature of the work, Councillor Robinson did not receive any notice of this closure and as a result, was unable to share feedback or express concerns. The Councillor has brought this issue directly to the attention of the Mayor’s office to advise that, as the local Councillor, it is imperative that she be made aware of any similar closures in the future so that she can advocate for the best interests of Ward 15 residents.
  • The Councillor has met with the Senior Work Zone Traffic Coordinator to advise that there are already significant traffic pressures in Leaside and that the work needs to be completed as quickly as possible.
  • Questions or concerns can be directed to the Councillor (416-395-6408 | ac.ot1701956813norot1701956813@nosn1701956813ibor_1701956813rolli1701956813cnuoc1701956813).
  • People wishing to contact the Work Zone Traffic Coordinator directly can contact ac.ot1701956813norot1701956813@riuM1701956813.nayr1701956813B1701956813.