Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan moves ahead

We are pleased to report that the Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan is moving ahead, bringing us one step closer to making our neighbourhood safe for everyone. Following an initial community consultation in February, the City has launched an on-line mapping tool for residents to register problem areas and offer suggested improvements. The on-line mapping tool will be open for your input until September 2nd, 2022 so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. You can also sign-up for email updates about this project.

Based on what we have been hearing from our members, the Leaside Residents Association will be developing a further submission to the project team and our councillor, highlighting priority areas using the following criteria supplied by Transportation Services:

  • “Quick wins” (one-year or less and no council approval required) – such as Slow Down signs, Watch Your Speed signs, pavement markings and flexi-posts
  • Short-term improvements with small scale impacts (one-year to five-year, requires council approval, some data analysis and public engagement) – such as turn prohibitions, traffic calming, complex pavement markings and intersection controls
  • Longer-term improvements with neighbourhood-wide impacts (Five years or longer, requires council approval, full data analysis and public engagement) – such as road re-design/traffic diversion

Background information: