Leaside Traffic Update

Updated March 20, 2017

Public traffic meetings were held on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 for South Leaside, and on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 for North Leaside. The comments and feedback from those, along with the feedback from the online surveys, will help guide the next set of proposals.

While Councillor Burnside’s two traffic committees originally studying concentrated on seeking measures to provide relief during the lengthy LRT construction period, for both North and South Leaside, they have extended their work to look for longer term and permanent solutions. The LPOA’s traffic committee has from the start concentrated on long-term measures which would continue past the completion of the LRT, when major design changes are envisaged for Eglinton Avenue.

All of these committees will be working together to look for neighbourhood-wide solutions. Your comments (positive and critical) will be important influencers in this process.

We must acknowledge that unless we can reach a consensus on neighbourhood traffic control for the entire community – full area-wide protection –  the quality of life, and our safety, will be eroded by ever greater car (and, increasingly, truck) traffic on all of our streets. Comments made at the LPOA’s November 22, 2016 AGM reinforce this consensus.

It is time to  work out a plan, choose options, and identify locations for effective use of high tech measures such as speed cameras. Should all of Leaside be designated a Community Safety Zone, with lowered speed limits, especially on entry points, not just around schools? The faster the car is travelling, the more likely that serious injury and damage will be the result. There is pending legislation which we can apply to make Leaside’s streets safer.

North Leaside’s street plan differs from that of South Leaside, so differing approaches may be called for. Please participate in the survey and let us know what you think.