Membership Drive – April 2019

Are you a member of the LRA? Officially, many Leasiders are not. We know we have the support of a lot of you, which we appreciate, and we work on behalf of all Leasiders, whether dues-paying members or not.

Our annual membership is $30. These funds add up, and underwrite the costs of preparing documentation and presentations at Committee of Adjustment, City Council, LPAT, and TLAB, and holding public meetings. On occasion we need to engage legal and/or planning consultants, to promote and protect this community’s interests. These costs can add up to many thousands of dollars.

The larger our membership base, the more we can count on having a stable annual financial base with which to plan our activity on your behalf. Your LPOA Board Directors are all volunteers; 100% of dues goes to support essential costs.

Your financial support is important in another way as well: politically. When we depute, we’re often asked how many members the LPOA represents. A larger membership does mean something!

The LPOA and you are all in this together. With your official membership we can work more effectively on your behalf. Please join today (online via Paypal or by mail via cheque)! You can count on us. Can we count on you?