Municipal ward boundaries

Almost three years ago, City Council hired consultants to study and re-draw the city’s 44 municipal boundaries. Some wards have over 90,000 residents, while others have as few as 47,000.

Our ward, Ward 26, is somewhere in the middle with just over 60,000. The consultants submitted their report in mid-August last year, offering five design options.

None of them look good from a Leaside perspective.

Proposed changes range from reducing the current number of 44 wards to 38 large wards of about 75,000 residents each, to increasing the number of wards to 50 smaller ones, with about 50,000 residents each. Continue to full text of Leaside Life article…]

A Leasider responds:

Dear Sirs,

Further to LPOA concerns regarding proposal(s) to re-define the current Ward 26 boundary and Councillor assignment, we wish to register our preference for the current Ward 26 boundary and single Councillor structure.

I reference the historical, architectural, community planning, geographic and widely recognized distinctness of Leaside in its current form. Large scale development on the periphery of the acknowledged Leaside precinct will, I believe, erode the character of our neighbourhood to a palpable degree beyond the obvious economics of eliminating many of the small businesses and shops. This makes it of even greater importance to resist fragmenting the residential core which anchors and generates the community life and vitality in our lovely grown up “Town of Leaside”.


Jon Goulding
Bessborough Dr.

Jon Goulding is owner of Goulding Design, a Leaside based company providing custom house design, permit and construction drawings and municipal approvals.