The LRA actively advocates on all matters affecting the livability of Leaside. Below is an overview of our activities.

Large-scale Development

The LRA routinely acts to convey the concerns of community residents in relation to large-scale institutional developments. Our advocacy has resulted in substantial concessions to building height, shadowing, density, traffic flows, and streetscape impacts. Examples of our advocacy include:


The LRA supports sensible mid-rise developments and opposes those that negatively affect the community through, for example, excessive height and massing, inadequate buffers from neighbouring properties, and lack of at-grade retail. Examples of our advocacy include:

Residential Infill and Renovation

The LRA supports residential infill and renovation in a manner that respects Leaside’s residential character and that does not negatively impact neighbouring properties. We monitor all Committee of Adjustment (“C of A”) applications, advise neighbours, and depute where appropriate. We routinely participate in appeals of C of A decisions. We also comment on zoning policies and procedures. Examples of our advocacy include:


The LRA supports inclusive, active, and safe transportation options. Examples of our advocacy include:

Other issues

The LRA takes up other civic issues as the need arises. Examples of our advocacy have included: