Public Meeting re: Planning Application for 220 Mcrae Dr.


Date: Monday, January 27, 2014
Time: 7 p.m.
Place: Leaside Memorial Gardens, William Lea Room (1073 Millwood Rd.)


This application proposes to amend the zoning by-law on the subject site to provide for six three-storey townhouse units and two two-storey detached dwellings. The existing motor vehicle repair shop and two detached dwellings would be demolished.

The townhouse units and the southerly detached dwelling would have rooftop patios. The townhouse units would front onto McRae Drive while the detached dwellings would front onto Sutherland Drive and each unit would have a gross floor area of approximately 260 square metres and provide vehicular access to parking via a rear lane accessed from both McRae Drive and Sutherland Drive. The upper two floors would be partly cantilevered above the rear laneway. The townhouses would have a minimum width of 5.74 metres. A minimum front yard setback of 1.56 metres and a south setback of 1.76 metres is proposed.

The northern detached dwelling lot would have a frontage of 6.93 metres and the southern lot 12.25 metres. The detached dwellings would have a gross floor area of 190 square metres, have side yard setbacks of 0.45 metres and provide parking by an integral single car garage. The driveways would be accessed from Sutherland Drive. The entire development would have a floor space index of 1.39.

Issues as identified by the City in the preliminary report:

On a preliminary basis, the following issues have been identified:

  • Conformity with the Official Plan, Provincial Policy Statement and the Growth Plan
  • The appropriateness of the proposed density and scale
  • Whether the proposed number of units is appropriate
  • Whether the proposed single-detached dwellings provide sufficient transition between the proposed townhouses and the abutting low scale residential area
  • Whether the proposed curb cuts and driveway layout are appropriate
  • Conformity with the Infill Townhouse Guidelines
  • Whether the proposed development standards are appropriate
  • Whether the massing and built form of Unit 8 is appropriate
  • Are the proposed McRae and Sutherland streetscapes appropriate
  • The appropriateness of the proposed angled street parking
  • The Toronto Green Standard Checklist has been submitted by the applicant and is currently under review by City staff for compliance with the Tier 1 performance measures.

Additional issues may be identified through the review of the application, agency comments and the community consultation process.

The background file can be downloaded from the City of Toronto web site:

The official meeting notice can be downloaded here.