Re: Request for sign by-law amendment from Leaside Community Memorial Gardens

This is to express our strong support for the staff report recommendations refusing the application for 1073 Millwood Road (Leaside Memorial Community Gardens). This LPOA position is further to a Motion that the LPOA support refusing the application, which passed unanimously at the June 2nd meeting of the LPOA Board. The application is for a third party electronic sign in an OS Open Space sign district, where such signs are prohibited.

The sign would stand at a height of 11 metres (36 feet, or three storeys high!) and contain two sign faces displaying electronic “static” copy, each with sign face dimensions of 10.67 metres (35 feet) horizontally and 3.05 metres (10 feet) vertically, i.e. higher and approximately twice the size of the existing sign. The north‐west facing sign face would identify the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens and include a digital section (10 feet by 10 feet) for information on programs and events that occur on the premises and in the community. The south‐east facing sign face would be 100% advertisements.

Digital signs have significantly more impact compared with traditional billboards with respect to each of the impact categories:

  • Driver distraction (safety concerns)
  • Resident distraction (enjoyment of home/property)
  • Precedent

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