Update on provincial all-candidates meeting

Since the previous posting, Leasiders should know that the LPOA has continued to try to set up an All Candidates’ meeting in the Don Valley West riding. A few of you had expressed the opinion that we should have a meeting even if not all the candidates were going to attend, so we considered the possibility of going ahead with a representative for the premier, but even then, could not get all the candidates and/or representatives together at any time.

Because the date of the televised Leaders’ Debate was not confirmed until well into the campaign, it has been even more difficult than usual to book a location for a local meeting, although we have been working on this since the election was called. Venues are virtually impossible to book at short notice, with many end-of-school-year and sports events taking place.

Together with the Don Mills, York Mills, St. Andrews, and Edwards Gardens Ratepayer Associations, who had – purely on spec – booked St. Bonaventure Church on Leslie Street for June 9, we attempted to match candidate (or representative) availability with the only date still available. June 9 is only three days before Election Day, and candidates and party representatives are committed elsewhere. It may be of interest to note that none of the three party leaders have participated in All Candidates meetings in their home ridings during this election.

A lot of time and effort went into trying to arrange this meeting. We are disappointed that there will not be an LPOA All Candidates meeting, but it certainly has not been for want of trying.