We urgently need your help re: 660 Eglinton E.

660 Eglinton Ave. E. Proposed development

On Oct. 5th some LPOA board members and nearby residents are meeting with RioCan for a “without prejudice” meeting regarding 660 Eglinton E. (Sunnybrook Plaza), where we will find out what RioCan will be presenting at the Oct.12th OMB pre-hearing.

There is a strong possibility that the City and the developer may be trying to reach a settlement. As a Party, LPOA must be involved but that doesn’t stop the other two parties from making a private arrangement, an arrangement that might very well NOT be what the community wants.

We need you to contact our councillor, other members of the North York Community Council, the mayor and the Premier to let them know your views before a decision is made.


As most of you are aware, RioCan is proposing 12 and 19 storey condo towers at 660 Eglinton Ave. E., (Sunnybrook Plaza). This past spring the LPOA and Councillor Burnside conducted a survey of residents which showed that over 91% of the almost 2200 respondents were not in favor of high-rise development over 11 storeys (the upper limit of mid-rise) at 939 Eglinton E. at Brentcliffe. So what does that have to do with this proposal? The proposal for 660 Eglinton E. is the FIRST attempt to build high-rises over 11 storeys in Leaside and if the developer is successful at the OMB, a precedent will have been set. From what we’ve heard, we don’t think most of you want that to happen.

In the past few weeks, yet another proposal for Eglinton, at RioCan’s Canadian Tire site at Laird and Eglinton has been submitted to the city and includes midrise buildings as well as three condo towers of 26-34 towers. This is in addition to the three or four towers proposed for 939 Eglinton. If all three of these developments are approved as proposed, the number of dwelling units in Leaside will increase by 43%.

What do we need you to do?

Email your councillors, the mayor and the premier. We’ve provided a sample email below. Let them know that the traffic, pressure on services and utilities, lack of school space, lack of open space and impact on the surrounding low-rise residential neighbourhood as a result of the high-rise development over 11 storeys at 660 Eglinton are unacceptable to you. We know there will be some development and intensification along Eglinton with the LRT construction, but that doesn’t mean we have to destroy everything that’s good about Leaside to achieve that.

Please email or call BEFORE October 4. It’s fine to send the same email to everyone – but please make your views known!

Premier Wynne: gro.a1701952854lo.la1701952854rebil1701952854@oc.p1701952854pm.en1701952854nywk1701952854Mayor Tory: ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@yrot1701952854_roya1701952854m1701952854

North York Community Councillors:

Maria Augimeri – Chair ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@irem1701952854igua_1701952854rolli1701952854cnuoc1701952854Jon Burnside ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@edis1701952854nrub_1701952854rolli1701952854cnuoc1701952854Christin Carmichael Greb ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@berg1701952854leahc1701952854imrac1701952854_roll1701952854icnuo1701952854c1701952854Shelley Carroll ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@llor1701952854rac_r1701952854ollic1701952854nuoc1701952854Josh Colle ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@ello1701952854c_rol1701952854licnu1701952854oc1701952854John Filionac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@noil1701952854if_ro1701952854llicn1701952854uoc 1701952854Denzil Minnan Wong ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@gnow1701952854-nann1701952854im_ro1701952854llicn1701952854uoc1701952854James Pasternakac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@kanr1701952854etsap1701952854_roll1701952854icnuo1701952854c 1701952854Anthony Perruzza ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@azzu1701952854rrep_1701952854rolli1701952854cnuoc1701952854Jaye Robinson ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@nosn1701952854ibor_1701952854rolli1701952854cnuoc1701952854David Shiner) ac.ot1701952854norot1701952854@reni1701952854hs_ro1701952854llicn1701952854uoc1701952854

Help support the fight against the development at 660 Eglinton E.

In order to represent the community’s interests at the OMB, the LPOA has retained professional legal and planning assistance. Please help support that effort with a donation to the 660 Eglinton campaign.

Sample email

If you’re short of time, or need something to get started – copy & paste the linked sample email into your email and modify as you wish. Please don’t forget to add your name and address!