LPOA By-law and Constitution Amendments – Summary

Following a review of the Association’s By-laws and Constitution, the Board has passed the following amendments, which require approval and confirmation by the membership at the Annual General meeting:

By-law I was amended to provide for annual fees, which are now charged, rather than life membership fees. Existing life members continue as such.

By-law II was updated to change the reference from “East York Council”, which no longer exists, to “City Council”, and to remove the requirement for an Education Committee, since the Board does not now involve itself in education matters.

By-law III was changed to provide for meetings in every month, rather than having a break in July and August, when special meetings had to be called if it became necessary to meet in those months. As well, provision was made for notices of meetings and votes to be made by e-mail (which did not exist when the Association was incorporated).  In addition, the reference to “President“ was amended to include “Co-Presidents”, which the Association currently has – this change was also made elsewhere in the By-laws and the Constitution as necessary.

By-law IV confirmed the number required for a quorum at Directors’ meetings as eight rather than ten – this had been passed previously but, for greater certainty, was included as part of these comprehensive revisions.

By-law VI amended the requirements for cheque signatories to include Co-Presidents and the Immediate Past President. As well, the amount of cash which may be held by the Treasurer, and the amount which may be expended without prior Board approval were each increased from fifty to one hundred dollars.

The Constitution was amended in several places to make the exact same changes as made to the By-laws, where the two had overlapping provisions and, in addition, Article VIII was amended to provide that the Annual Meeting is to be held within 90 days following the September 30 fiscal year-end rather than 45 days, since meetings are traditionally held in late November or even early December.

To review the full version of the amendments, please download the PDF.