1778-1787 Bayview Avenue

The LRA is becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of high-rise construction to the southeast of Bayview and Eglinton:

  • As previously reported, 1787 Bayview (Leaside Station entrance) is vastly overbuilt for a transit entrance and is structurally designed to support a large tower – see the photo above.
  • Also as previously reported, 1783-1785 Bayview (first quadruplex south of the station) has had its tenants evicted. Two weeks ago, the heritage consultants for Metrolinx released a draft report [PDF, 139 pages] stating that the building had no heritage value. The LRA has written to critique this report including its own assessment reaching a different conclusion about the building’s heritage value.
  • At 1779-1781 Bayview (second quadruplex south of the station), which is owned by a developer, we continue to ask the City to designate it under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The LRA reiterates its position: we oppose the construction of high-rises on Bayview, favouring instead appropriate development along arterials. Above all, we support reforming and optimizing local planning processes and oppose provincially-imposed Minister’s Zoning Orders (which can override local planning processes), barring extraordinary circumstances with province-wide implications.