Resolution re: membership

The following resolution has been endorsed by the Board of Directors of the Leaside Property Owners’ Association and will be submitted to the membership for action at the Annual General Meeting (Monday, November 4, 7pm, Trace Manes Park Community Centre):


WHEREAS the Constitution of the Leaside Property Owners’ Association (“Association”) grants certain rights to Leaside residents who own property, such as voting at Association meetings and running for the Board of Directors (“Board”), and withholds these from Leaside residents who do not own property;

WHEREAS the Board established a committee to consider whether to maintain this distinction;

WHEREAS the committee considered this issue and advised abolishing this distinction on the following grounds:

  • Although property ownership may have once been the ultimate marker of membership in a community and the goal to which all people should aspire, this view was becoming increasingly inaccurate in an era of escalating property values and growing societal acceptance of alternative arrangements, such as tenancy and multi-generational living, as mature housing choices;
  • The Committee received input that there are Leaside residents who wish to participate fully in the Association but cannot do so, such as people residing in a house in a spouse’s name for liability reasons (e.g. business-owners) or tax reasons (e.g. US citizens), people living with elderly parents whose names are on title, recently separated people, and long-term tenants;
  • There is broad alignment in the interests of people who own and who do not own property in relation to the substantive objects of the Association;

AND WHEREAS the Board accepted the above advice and voted to endorse proposed amendments to the Constitution and to submit them to the Association for action at its 2019 Annual General Meeting;

RESOLVED, that the Association amend its Constitution as follows:

1. In Article I (Name and Area Served), change “Leaside Property Owners’ Association” to “Leaside Residents Association”, and delete “owning residential property and”;

2. In Article II (Objects), change “property owners” to “residents” (all occurrences).

3. Replace Article III (Membership, Fees, Assessment) as follows:

“Article III: Membership

Section 1: Members. Membership in the Association is open to: (a) any Leaside resident; and (b) any other person who meets eligibility criteria established by the Board from time to time.

Section 2: Voting Associates. A Member who is a Leaside resident may become a Voting Associate upon payment of a fee as determined by the Board from time to time.

Section 3: Honorary Members. The Board may grant the status of Honorary Member in recognition of a person’s contribution to the Association and/or the community served by the Association. An Honorary Member need not be a Member of the Association.”

4. In Article VIII (Meetings), section 3, insert the following at the start of the section: “Members, Voting Associates, and Honorary Members may attend the Annual Meeting and any Special Meeting of the Association. Voting Associates may vote at the Annual Meeting and any Special Meeting of the Association.”

5. Change “Active Member” to “Voting Associate” (all occurrences);

AND RESOLVED, that the Association authorize the Board to take all necessary measures to give effect to the above provisions and to substitute a different name for “Leaside Residents Association” if it cannot be used for legal or other reasons.